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2016 World Veteran Championships in Spain

2015 Canadian Winter Games

2014 Central America and Caribbean Table Tennis Games in Veracruz

2014 Latin American Veterans Championship in Guatemala


Our exclusive technology creates an entirely seamless ball rather than fusing parts together.  No more inconsistency in shape, weight, and thickness.  No more soft spots.  XuShaofa balls offer the most clean and accurate bounce.  You control the game.


Our balls are constructed from a proprietary poly plastic material rather than traditional celluloid.  We are more durable and long-lasting.


XuShaofa Sports is leading the technological innovation in table tennis balls.  Our brand remains committed to improving and promoting the sport across the world.

Our ball is fully approved by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) and suitable for players at all levels.

socially conscious

XuShaofa is a proud manufacturer of poly plastic balls, a material that is chemically stable and thus safe to produce, ship, and store.  We welcome the decision by the ITTF to ban celluloid balls in future competitions.  Celluloid is flammable and has killed countless factory workers in China from fast-spreading fires.